Clare Faulkner 

Pyschosexual and relationship therapist




Relationships with others form the cornerstone of human experience, and create a sense of well-being. Disharmony or breakdown in a relationship, whether intimate, social or in the workplace, is often the final straw that pushes people to seek help. Frequently, by the time a relationship breaks down, we are no longer in a position to recognise the difference between the other person's emotions and behaviours and our own. The therapeutic process helps individuals to first of all re-connect with their own sense of personal identity. In order to enjoy satisfying relationships with others, we need to be in a satisfactory relationship with ourselves. Those conflicts, which reside within us, are often painful and destructive to others and ourselves.

I work with couples and individuals with a range of issues including: 

-Past relationship issues. 

-Issues surrounding infidelity.

-Communication issues.

-Commitment issues.

-Impact of children on the couple relationship.

-Separating/ divorce.

-General relationship difficulties.