Clare Faulkner 

Pyschosexual and relationship therapist



Pyschosexual Therapy 

Or Sex therapy as it is more commonly know is a talking therapy.  It recognises the importance of the brain in sexual functioning. As such, thoughts, feelings and beliefs have a direct relationship with the body and its function. I work integratively with clients using a range of tools and techniques. Where appropriate I give couples or indiviaul behavioural exercisies to work on at home. 

I work with a range of issues including:  

-Loss sexual desire.

-Arousal difficulties.

-Orgasmic or anorgasmic problems.

-Sex compulsion and addiction.

-Pornography use.

-Erectile difficulties such as rapid of delayed ejaculation.


-Dyspareunia (pain during intercourse). 

-Phobias and aversions.

-Sexual abuse and trauma.

-Anxiety surrounding sex, relationships and intimacy.

-Sexual orientation insecurities and questions.

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